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Construction Industry

MSC's Specialty coatings & metal laminates offer a unique collection of products to serve this market


Material Sciences Corporation (MSC) manufactures, markets and distributes a wide variety coated coil products for the construction market.  These products are custom engineered and processed to best serve the needs of our customers.

Ceiling Grid

Construction Industry Coil Coating Metal Technology Ceiling Grid Systems


Construction Industry Coil Coating Metal Technology Doors

Furniture & Fixtures

Construction Coil Coating Technology - Specialty Coatings And Metal Laminates For Furniture


Construction Coil Coating Technology - Specialty Coatings And Metal Laminates For HVAC


Construction Industry Coil Coating Metal Technology Lighting Systems

Roofing & Siding

Construction Industry Coil Coating Metal Technology Roofing Systems


Construction Industry Coil Coating Metal Technology Windows Systems

Ceiling Grid

MSC’s Coated Coils

MSC provides innovative coatings to the ceiling grid market including electrogalvanized/bonderized – polyester coatings on gauges from .0075” up to .021.” Manufactures can form ceiling grids from pre-painted coiled steel and eliminate the need for an in-house paint shop.

MSC provides high quality coated metals, which are manufactured to meet customer specifications, saving time and money as well as eliminating the need to meet costly EPA regulations. Several metal substrates and coating types are available.


MSC’s Coated Coils Support the Door Industry

Steel door manufacturers rely on pre-painted steel coils that meet the growing demand of overhead, entry and service door industries. Customer satisfaction that builds brand equity is of the utmost importance to our clients.

Pre-painted and embossed coils are now the standard in the industry in a multitude of colors. MSC’s coil coating lines are capable of providing superior coatings and embossing that save clients time and money, while eliminating the need for post and/or field painting.

A major benefit of MSC’s pre coated coils are uniform, edge-to-edge coverage of pre-treatment, primer and finish coats. MSC’s process ensures superior paint adhesion, paint flow, color consistency and corrosion-resistance over a post painted door.

MSC provides electrogalvanized/bonderized materials, which can be differentially coated (different amounts of zinc on each side of strip).  We can also provide post-plating treatments that are functional and can improve performance with specific applications.

Furniture & Fixtures

MSC Supports the Furniture & Fixture Industries

The Furniture & Fixture industries have historically presented several challenges that require a high degree of visual impact, durability and/or low manufacturing costs. Customers are always searching for that “new look” that drives consumer acceptance and a high perceived value. MSC’s painted, coated and laminated products solve that problem.

Whether decorative, functional, or both, MSC coated and laminated surfaces deliver. We can satisfy virtually any functional requirement while meeting the designer’s goals for style and visual impact. Durability is a must! MSC coated, painted and laminated materials simplify manufacturing processes and nearly always eliminate painting or other post-processing operations. Add real value with MSC’s cost effective solutions while meeting the contemporary design trends of today.


Materials to Eliminate Sound at the Source

HVAC manufacturers are confronted with a real dilemma. On the one hand, today’s discerning consumers are extremely sensitive to environmental sound levels. On the other hand, the large, flat surfaces of many HVAC products are natural sound amplifiers. Silencing your products with premium materials and add-on treatments represent add-on costs while often creating manufacturing and assembly issues.

MSC offers a better alternative with a series of unique material solutions that damp annoying noise and vibration directly at the source. MSC can deliver coated, painted, and laminated materials to satisfy virtually any functional requirement while meeting the designer’s goals for style and visual impact.

Quiet Steel® is widely used in the HVAC industry for both mechanical components such as fan and motor mounts, as well as sound-damping enclosures. It can be supplied with a broad range of surface treatments including paint and one or two-side electrogalvanizing.

MSC Quiet Aluminum® has the same Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) damping performance as Quiet Steel, but with a fraction of the mass. Similar to Quiet Steel, Quiet Aluminum uses an engineered viscoelastic layer laminated between two sheets of aluminum to meet application-specific damping, temperature, stiffness and operating environment needs. It can be supplied as continuous coil or blanked sheets with a variety of coatings from forming lubricants to pre-paint.

MagnaDamp® offers the damping benefits of Quiet Steel in an easy-to-implement magnetic package. Available in coil and sheet in a variety of material thicknesses, MagnaDamp is an excellent way to address resonances or vibrations that are transmitting through the HVAC equipment case.


Coating and Films for the Lighting Industry

The lighting industry is demanding materials that meet energy-efficient expectations and consumer driven fashion trends. Typical reflective materials no longer hit the mark. That’s why MSC developed high reflectance (HR) coatings and films to meet this challenge in a cost-effective way.

MSC High Reflectance (HR) coatings and films are widely used in lighting fixtures and decorative details in office buildings, retail spaces, educational institutions, hospitals, factories, government buildings and warehouses. Available in numerous colors applied to various substrates, these coatings are offered in a range of reflectance levels, from 82% to 98%+.

MSC Specular+® is a unique film laminate for applications requiring a very high specular reflectance, or mirror-like reflection, such as solar tubes, fluorescent light fixtures and reflectors. It is produced by an advanced Magnetron Sputtered Vacuum Deposition (MSVD) process which deposits pure silver on a clear super-plastic polyester film. The film is then permanently bonded to a metal substrate to produce a material that offers total reflectance up to 97%.

Metal Roofing and Siding

Sound Damping Solution for Metal Roofing


Consumers love the look of metal roofs, until it rains and the sound of a metal roof gets all of their attention. The premium materials and add-on treatments required to dampen an ordinary metal roof can add cost and complicate the installation. Even then, many buildings such as schools, hospitals, airports and municipal offices won’t even consider a metal roof because of the noise.

MSC offers a better alternative known as Quiet Steel®. This unique metal solution cuts wind noise up to 20% and rain/hail noise up to 40%. By eliminating add-on sound deadening treatments, consumers get the sound protection they require for a fraction of the cost and installation time.

Quiet Steel is a unique Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) damping material that uses an engineered viscoelastic layer laminated between two sheets of steel to meet application-specific damping, temperature, stiffness and operating environment needs. It can be supplied roll-formed to any panel shape in virtually any desired color and works with all paint systems in common use.

A Quiet Steel roof is 100% recyclable and meets existing building codes for fire, wind and snow loading and impact resistance. Quiet Steel can be used in current production processes. If weight is a concern, Quiet Aluminum® offers the same benefits in a lightweight package.

Sound Damping Alternative to Stainless Steel

As an alternative to high-cost stainless steel in escalators, elevators, and other interior architectural applications, MSC recommends Deco Steel®. This laminate solution consists of a thin stainless steel surface, a vibration-damping viscoelastic core, and a cold-rolled steel or electrogalvanized substrate.

Metal Coatings and Laminates

Along with our metal-to-metal laminates, MSC specialty coil coatings and film laminating technologies can be used in a number of cutting edge building products, including zinc and aluminum roofing or decorative wall panels using plastisol coatings or decorative films. MSC industry experts have the ability to help you create breakthrough products quickly and cost-effectively. Metal surfaces are used extensively in the building and construction industry, both for performance and decoration. MSC’s specialty coating and metal laminates offer a unique portfolio of products to serve this market.


MSC’s proven pre-treatment and coating processes provide high quality Steel and Aluminum Coils for the window industry. When the strength of steel is required, MSC’s electrogalvanized steel coils are necessary to provide the corrosion protection your clients demand. MSC offers multiple coatings for a wide range of applications.